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User Terms and Conditions

These Ts&Cs relate to your user account on edfringware and how you enter data about other members of your organisation, venue or show. You must agree to them to complete the creation of your user account or to login for the first time in a new season.

Users and contacts within edfringeware can be associated with organisations, venues or shows. If a contact is associated with a venue, the personal details thereof may be displayed on the Fringe's website. If a contact is associated with a show, the personal details thereof may be used in show and venue proofs. We may also use your nominated media and arts personal's data to pass forward to accredited media and arts industry professionals.

The Fringe Society reserves the right to contact any user/contact (about any relevant topic) stored in edfringeware (this includes any company members added to the Show Company List) in relation to an organisation/venue/show that they are associated.

You or any of your contacts may withdraw consent for us to use the data at any time by emailing

Where you submit bank account details via the Organisation 'Payout Details' tab, these will only be visible to us, or to any individual who you have granted the role of 'Organisation Administrator'. We will use such details only for the purposes of paying you any box office takings or other sums due by us to you and we will not pass these details to any third parties.

In addition, if you wish for your edfringeware profile to be private then answer the following question in the affirmative 'Click here if you would like to opt out of appearing in the contact searches' (this can be changed at any time by going to your 'Edit Profile' page). If you leave this un-ticked, then all other users of the system will be able to:

  • see your first name, last name and job title and to send you an invite via the system to become associated with, or accept a particular role within, an organisation, venue or show (for example, to become an administrator for a particular show); and
  • access any contact details held about you on the system for the purpose of auto-populating the following fields:
    • Venue Manager
    • Venue Secondary Contact
    • Venue Owner
    • Venue Media and Marketing Contact
    • Venue Box Office Contact
    • Venue Access Contact
    • Show Primary Contact
    • Show Secondary Contact
    • Show Media Contact
    • Show Secondary Media Contact
    • Show Touring & Development Contact
By accepting these Ts&Cs, you agree that the personal data that you enter is your own. You also agree that any personal data that you enter that relates to other members of your organisation, venue or show, is done so based on having permission from that individual to do so.
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